Author Topic: Randall BMF Slash Head for sale on eBay  (Read 4841 times)

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Randall BMF Slash Head for sale on eBay
« on: September 23, 2012, 11:17:44 PM »
I'm selling my prized BMF head.  These were created as a Slash signature model in the mid-nineties but were produced in very limited numbers.  I've heard that Nuno may have had some input for the design as well.  It's a very "Marshal - ish" type of sound and a bargain for those who like a wholesome Zep/AC-DC type of tone.  Think of it as a Super-Marshall.

Here is the eBay listing -- ends Sunday 9/30.

Here is a video of the amp and some samples of what it sounds like.

Please pass the word.