Author Topic: Anyone Else Collect Guitar Stuff?  (Read 3107 times)

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Anyone Else Collect Guitar Stuff?
« on: April 25, 2012, 10:06:58 PM »
Have a "small" collection I started a few years ago while in college:
If there is anything anyone is interested in, I'm always buying/selling/trading.

Anyone else have a cool/interesting collection of guitar stuff??

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Re: Anyone Else Collect Guitar Stuff?
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2012, 05:07:46 AM »
Nice collection! i have sold most of what i had to buy more gear but i still have some cool stuff

Jet City 22H
Laney AOR ProTube 30
Crate Blue Voodoo 120 (2007 model with mercury magnetics tannys and choke upgrade)
Sunn Model T(vintage 1976 model)
Randall RT503

Boss CE-20 chorus essemble
MXR phase 90
Modtone tremor tremolo
BBE wah
Creepy Fingers Harikiri fuzz(superfuzz clone) Doomidrive(Univox unidrive clone)
Earthbound audio supercollider
DOD analog tape echo
Radial engineering ABY

2 Crate oversized 4x12 mono/stereo cabs 1 cab has 4 celeston vintage 30's the other has 2 celestion vintage 30's and 2 eminence legend 70 watters
JetCity 2x12 cab mono/stereo 1 celestion vintage 30 and 1 eminence legend 80 watt speaker

Sabine RT7000 rack tuner
Furman power conditioner
NADY power conditioner
BBE sonic maximizer


Schecter damian FR swaped pickups for EMG 81/85 active and has the EMG afterburner system and a killswitch Tremolo is blocked Erine ball Heavy bottom strings tuned to C#

Schecter C-1 Elite all stock Erine ball extra slinky Standard E

Westone dimeision IV stock with blocked trem Erine ball heavy bottom  B#

Gretsch pro jet Baritone swapped pickups for P-90's Baritone B

Ibanez RG7 swapped bridge pickup for dimarzio EVO 7 Erine ball power slinky Standard 7 string tuning

Electra custom les paul swapped pickups for gibson 500t bridge 498R neck Erine ball not even slinky C tuning

Homemade neckthru les paul flat top all mahogany stainless frets jumbo,Kent Armstrong P-90's volue tone controls can be bypassed via flip switch bone nut Schaller roller bridge weighs in at just under 10lbs
gloss black


Ive got vintage tubes and new tubes out the ass close to 100 tubes i swap um in and out see what i like best
Electric Wizard,Weedeater,High on Fire thats my play list