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Ciao from Italy
« on: April 24, 2013, 04:22:44 PM »
hi people
i'm Fabio from Milano - Italy, i'm 34 years "young" and i play Metalcore (with my own band) and rock&roll with the guys of Milf Army revival rock band.

I'm new Randall user, and I choose RX120D with 412 to drive my sound.

the reason i find my expression in randall amps it's about the "density" of sound and capability (easy to) about a few number of gigs.

to obtain a concrete sound resolution i use my RX with a Vox tonelab LE footboard via Send-return. I'm not very impressed by the preamp of this transistor head, but bypassing this first stadio with Vox, I obtain a very very great wall of sound without use tube amp.

In the past I used to play with Mesa Single recto and a 212 laney cab (very great sound), but here in Italy we have SMALL streets and difficulties to drive smooth towards every kind of place, this make every trip to a trouble about transport of tube gear.... the gigs are in a very small places, with the dangers of drunken people near amps and problems with the electric lines... (sometime beer in the power attacchments... or people completely looses theyr mind and go indside amps with the beer and probably tables and chears  >:(

With an transistor amp i have reduced risks, weight and repairs, but I have a right good tone to impress and play in the right way.

Ok, sorry for my english, it's just to say HELLO and love to Randall amplification of course :)

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Re: Ciao from Italy
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2013, 07:56:45 AM »

Welcome Fabio, would love to hear that Vox through the Randall!
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