Author Topic: Any Technicians out There?  (Read 3467 times)

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Any Technicians out There?
« on: August 31, 2013, 10:02:30 PM »
Anyone that can, Please Help!!

I have a Randall RG-100ES-SS (1986) that is in dire need of a new power transformer. The schematic states transformer p/n 2-24,  the primary voltage is stated at 40v (after the rectifier). I'm assuming this is a 48v transformer. I don't however, know the wattage rating or any other information and no one I've talked to seems to know. I can send detailed drawings, weights & measurements, pictures, original schematic drawings, etc.

I have had to completely refurbish the entire pcb with new components, all high(er) grade.  When the transformer shorted internally, it began putting out almost 70v and pretty much destroyed everything, including many traces; the first to go were the  HARD TO FIND and relatively expensive 6000uF/50v filter Capacitors...and so on...
I have hand made an exact replica replacement of the pcb, because I love the way it sounds and I've had it forever. I decided to replace all the pots and 1/4 jacks as well. It's a total refurb. The pots were getting scratchy anyway.

The only thing I haven't done is to re-silkscreen the face panel. I really want them to indicate 11 as the highest reading, as I purchased detent pots that have eleven notches. (yes I'm "spinal tap" old)   :D  Any suggestions on how this could be easily done would be welcomed.

I also have ExpressPCB scale drawings for this pcb (21-46C) to share with anyone interested.

A/V Engineer, Repair Tech
A/V Engineer, Repair Tech