Author Topic: RD1H XLR Output issue  (Read 1926 times)

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RD1H XLR Output issue
« on: December 09, 2015, 07:03:13 AM »
Hi everyone,

Last year I bought a RD1H and so far, i'm happy with it, I use it mostly as a practice amp and it sounds pretty cool. I would like to start recording music, so I just bought (yesterday) a Presonus audiobox card, plugged it in and tried to record with it with just my guitar plugged in, on cubase and everything went ok... Today, i'd like to use the XLR output for silent recording with the tube sound of my RD1H, so i plugged it in my card and... nothing. So, i triple-checked everything, every wire, my DAW configuration, tried again with only the guitar directly in the card (it worked), but nothing would come out of the amp... so i pushed the volume and gain, maxed the preamp pot on the audiobox and I could hardly hear a guitar sound... I tried a lot of things but the conclusion is : the XLR output level is extremely weak and as it is now, i cannot work with it at all... I tried to plug the FX send in the card and it worked fine with a strong and whole signal (but since there is no speaker simulation, it sounds raw and ugly). Another precision : I brought my RD1H to a rehearsal in the studio with my band with the idea of plugging it in the mixing console with the XLR output and a XLR cable from the studio... nothing ever came out of it... so i'm pretty sure it is not the XLR cable I have at home that isn't working. My question is : did I do something wrong or is my amp's speaker sim output is busted ? It surprises me as I never really used it and the amp is in near mint condition (I didn't play much with it until now).

When searching this forum to see if someone ever had the same issue, I found things like "standby off, master volume to zero" but as I have a RD1, there is no standby and putting the volume to 0 doesn't change anything :p

Thanks in advance for your help guys !
(Sorry for my english !)