Author Topic: RH150 G3 not switching channel  (Read 2171 times)

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RH150 G3 not switching channel
« on: February 06, 2016, 05:17:13 AM »
I have a Randall RH150 G3 plus and I’m having trouble with the channel switching so I thought since a lot of you are musicians and some have great technical and electronic knowledge, too much butter ? My bad smile emoticon But if any of you have encountered a similar problem and / or have an idea what I can do to fix that without replacing the whole thing canyon please help me...
Here is the problem... when i much the channel selector switch the LED lights up however the amplifier seems to remain on the clean channel all the time with no sound & eq or tone changes from the overdrive channel. It appears that the amplifier only working channel is the clean one since if I turn off the Level knob of that channel there is no sound coming out. And any changes I make to the Gain 1 & 2 or any of the knob from the overdrive channel doesn’t change anything. My question is the amp stuck in the clean mode and or do I have a bad overdrive channel ? And in any case where should I look to fix that ?
PS: I do not have the foot switch but have been told by Randall CS that the amplifier selector switch should work for that function nonetheless. And since then I have been unable to get them to respond to my e-mail concerning my problem. Not a good way to treat customers.