Author Topic: Randall warhead damaged Something burned  (Read 2523 times)

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Randall warhead damaged Something burned
« on: February 17, 2016, 03:39:51 PM »
[img][img]Hi every one :-)
I am Fabrizio from France (next Lille). Excuse me for my english.
I have a Randall Warhead first generation and I need some help. My warhead was switched on for couple hours and suddenly something burned inside the head with a horrible smell. At this point, the amplifier still seems to work but I immediatly switched off.

So I opened it and I saw a carbonised yellow thing that I think it's a condensator. I'm not sure but maybe it's a chemical condensator which has function to filter when you put the head on tension.

I sent the problem to randall by email but they asked me that I must show the warhead to a qualifier technician..then they sent me an adress in my region..Anyway

I searched on the web for electrical scheme but I find only those of the X2 which is similar particulary about the scheme of power alimentation (where is located the problem). In fact the component incriminated don't appear on the scheme. It was welded with 2 hire on the two RED hire of the power alim (at the secondary) and next to the card at the emplacement J4 and J5. The card has no damage. The yellow component was in much kind of silicone. I cleaned all. Finally all fuses are genuine parts and none has damaged.

If somebody who has the same amps (or similary) could gave me some photographs of his amps inside it, It should be greaaaat ! Or only give me the valor, reference etc. of the condensator in question it's should be very nice ! Of course, I will take the information with care because I live in France and the electrical norme are not the same than in Usa. In France we are in 230V.

I can post some photographs, I take a look how to do it. I love my Warhead I hope It will be fixed soon !

Thanks a lot everybody

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Re: Randall warhead damaged Something burned
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2016, 02:57:15 PM »
Hi Fabrizio,
I just got a first generation Warhead combo that I've been cleaning up and restoring so if it's pics of the inside you want I'll see if I can post some later on today. Did you ask Randall for a schematic of the original Warhead? Were you able to make any progress on your issue?