Author Topic: An Old Cyclone with strange FX Loop  (Read 319 times)

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An Old Cyclone with strange FX Loop
« on: June 11, 2019, 01:26:27 PM »
So I scored this sweet 300w Cyclone, my first Randall, at a local Sam Ash. The thing is an absolute Brute!!! The tones are exactly what I was searching for.
However I am experiencing an issue with the FX loop. When trying to use a Looper through the FX Loop I am getting a loud Hum and the pedal, regardless of volume setting, is at a SCREAMING Volume! I've tried adjusting all of my levels and I cant get the thing to quiet down. There isn't a knob to control the FX output. With this being an older amp, and Id imagine its at least 12 years old, I'm uncertain whether or not that this is a defect, damage or just how this amp behaves.

The Pedal I'm trying to use is a small Ditto Loop pedal. Not sure if this matters. I've also tried running my Digitech Whammy and a Canyon Delay just to make sure it wasn't my Ditto, all with the same result.

How can I fix this?

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated!!

SN: 0104R1037