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Title: Randall RD100 Tubes Change
Post by: Mox666 on January 13, 2017, 07:24:21 PM
Hello !
I have a randall RD100 head , and a few months i send it to warranty , because the sound .. really sucks  playing live .
In the store they tell me .. the problem its your power tubes , they change  the Rubby tubes 6l6 ( really sucks ) , to a JJ 6l6 , and the sounds  its complete amazing ... a powerfull amp now ...

So i talk with a lot of ppl , about  changing my preamp , to change the sound , and to meka my clena channel better , and to put my sound really KILLER...
i contact Randall directly in email , and facebook . and they say  .. " we just use ruybby tubes , and we dont know a bettrer sollution "  ... its to me  abad way totalk with us ...

anyone know a idea or solution to change all pre amp tubes ??

i need some advice .

all jj ?   groove ??        what v1 i need to put a killer sound ???  a groove tube in v1 ? and all jj  in v2 , v3 , and v4 ??

or any solution ????

great regards ppl .. help me me please
Title: Re: Randall RD100 Tubes Change
Post by: JayCortez on December 03, 2018, 11:27:02 PM
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Title: Re: Randall RD100 Tubes Change
Post by: Ghostman on December 05, 2018, 09:05:43 AM
Definitely change the preamp tubes. Every preamp tube will be different, so you should buy a selection and then "Roll" them through the preamp stages. Check out some more frequented forums on how to "roll" preamp tubes. Essentially, you just try each tube in different spots in the preamps.

Check out Tubedepot for some descriptions of how each preamp 12AX7 sounds compared to the others. You can find through that, which ones provide more gain, more bite, or smooth things out. It all depends on what sound you are looking for.

The differences most of the time will be subtle, so don't think it will be night/day differences. Preamp tubes are relatively cheap, at $10 or so for new preamps. Don't worry about NOS expensive preamp tubes for now.