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Randall Tube Amplifiers / Randall Ola Englund Satan Head problems
« on: January 15, 2015, 08:21:34 PM »
After a little over one week's time I am on the 3rd Randall satan Ola Englund head.   First head after 3 hours had the clean channel go dead.  Sent it back to Guitar Center.  Replacement head comes and lasts one week.  Power tube retainer spring on one of the KT88 tubes snaps and takes out the power tube.  Sent it back.  Head #3 comes today and go to set it on the cabinet.  It does not sit level. It teeters with a 1/16 gap on the right front rubber leg  of the head.   Checked multiple flat surfaces and same thing.   Talked to Randall tech to make sure using a rubber washer as a shim is acceptable.  Not rocket science how to fix it but with the way things have been going with my Randall experience, I am leaving nothing to assumption.  Street price just shy of $2000 for this head and it doesn't sit level?  Make no mistake that the sound of this head is damn brutal and awesome!  However,  I cannot seem to win with quirks I have experienced with it so far.  I hate to say it but if this thing fails again, it is time to send satan packing and look at other options.  Maybe I would have had better luck if it was the Randall Jesus ?   ;)  Anyways, just wanted to bring this to attention.    Hoping this head stands the test of time.  This head only sees my home studio. So not sure why such odd s**t keeps happening. 


  I am new to the forum.   I just ordered the Ola Englund Randall Satan Head.   I am trying to pick a good cabinet that will match up good.  I was thinking about the USM  RV 2x12 with Vintage 30s.  95% of the use is in the home studio.   I really do not need a 4x12 as it is overkill for my use.    I did notice there was a RC 2x12V30 as well.    I was told that one is made in China and the other in the USA.   About $200 difference in cabs.  Can anyone tell me if it is really worth the $200 to get the RC.  Similar wood and same speakers so not sure . Thank you in advance.

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