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Randall Speaker and Isolation Cabinets / Randall RS12 50 speakers
« on: November 02, 2016, 06:34:15 PM »
Hi, I know alot of folks pull these Chinese speakers out of there cabs in favor of celestions etc but I'm really enjoying the sound of these in my Stramp 2x12 cabinet with a Fender London Reverb head.
Great fender chimey cleans and they take to overdrive/distortion well too. I've tried alot of 12's in this cab and these might be my favorites.
Any body else like em or know what they are loosley based on?
Any specs or info would be great!
I might start looking for another pair as I seem to be in the minority [I love when that happens, deals to be had!] I traded an I banez TS5 soundtank for this pair and they have surpassed my expectations big time.

Hi folks, just registered here to see if anybody had a schematic for the 70's RB90 amp. Its similar to the Commander series of amps from that era such as the RB120 / RB300 /RG120 / RG300.
My amp is working and has a great tremolo but I'm going to re-cap all the electrolytics. Also there has been some monkying around sometime in the last 45 years by various 'techs' as some components are sort of just hacked in. I'd like to restore it to its original condition.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I havent contacted tech support to see if there is a schematic archive available but thought I would try here first.

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