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Randall Tube Amplifiers / Older RH50T or newer RD20/45H ?
« on: March 18, 2017, 02:57:21 PM »
Heya Randallheads,

I'm looking to upgrade my Bugera G5 with something with way more gain and voiced towards an american metal sound.

I can't decide between these two tube Randall heads:

1. Randall RD20H (RD45H is over my budget, but I'd consider if its worth over the 20 head ?...)

2. Randall RH50T - older model made 7-8 years ago found it in some online store oldstock unused -  4x 12AX7 +2x EL84 has spring reverb

I would have to drive hundreds of km in opposite direction to try them so I'll order online, both same price, I'm especially interested in the second one just want some input if maybe somebody around here has owned or played one, I just have this feeling, sprung from my defective brain, that it has a better distorted channel. Also I'm a bedroom player and will use these with a power attenuator and I would totally buy the RD5 but I need two channels.


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