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General Discussion / Bass Amps
« on: October 16, 2016, 11:01:02 AM »
I used to be a bench tech there at Randall back in the late 80's. If memory serves me correctly, I hired on about the time Chuck Faas bought the company as Don Randall retired, and I believe Gary Sunda was the head engineer. I am so disappointed not to find a full line of bass amps, that I could find anyway. What happened to the 2 x 18 ported cabinets with the 2 x 10 on top? The amps with tons of thump and awesome equalization? I still have a RB 500 HT with my initials inside on the inspection tag. As a matter of fact I was part of a 5 band gig at Pechanga just last night and the bass players from 2 of the other bands played through my amp and RB 215 JB cabinet because they loved it as well. I've been abusing that thing since 88-89, abusing it at 2 ohms and never had a single problem with it. Even playing my old Ibanez Roadstar II through it, jaws always drop and people would swear they were hearing Tool. I don't claim to be the brightest guy in the world. Maybe I missed something on the site? If Randall no longer makes bass amps, can someone please tell my why? And if not, please guys reconsider, PLEASE!
Although there appears to be some great guitar amps being made there, I'm so bummed...

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