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Randall Solid State Amplifiers / RG 80-112 SC snake skin
« on: June 19, 2017, 02:21:27 AM »
Ok got my RG 80 112-sc in 1992. I have two questions. First Ive seen many rgs over the years and i have never seen another with this boa print covering. Was that an option I know it was made in the 80s. Next it has started humming more than it did years back is there caps that may need changing or maybe the transformer. Is there anything I can do for the hum. Im an ES tech so I can do about anything to it if I need  to. Last if I and when I get another amp are the newer ones as good do they sound the same etc. Or should I start looking for another vintage one. My people tell me I have my own sound as for me nothing else sounds the same. Any input on these matters would be welcomed.       

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