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Hey guys,
I just got a first generation Warhead combo, the one without a gain-boost knob. Even with the gain on 4 plus a Maxon OD-9 with drive off and level all-up, it's still enough gain to do tight and cutting death metal - I like it!

I was wondering if anyone that owns one of these beasts can tell me if their gain channel (channel 2) self-oscillates when you turn it up past 5 when nothing is plugged in?

How to reproduce it: Unplug guitar from input, turn up master level and channel 2 level volume, now turn up the gain knob past 5, you will hear it start to self-oscillate and produce a high-pitched sine wave type squeal kinda like an analog synth. The funny part is that the pitch goes higher as you turn up the gain.

Is this normal? I can only hear this tone when nothing is plugged in the amp - with a normal setup I can't get this to occur. I mean, I got this thing in order to produce squeals and harmonics but this is not what I had in mind (lol.) Hope someone can chime in on this.

update : looks like the effects loop is messed up, anything I plug into the return makes the amp unplayable because of buzz and hum. Straight through is fine though. Looks like this ones going to the tech to sort out.

It looks a lot like an RG 80 Classic. The grill is very similar, and the writing is very similar as well. Of course those knobs cannot be original. And I do not see the word "classic" anywhere on the front in the pic you attached like one of those usually does. So it might be a really old RG-80 before the ES versions when they did not have the gain boost knob yet.

I'm not a total expert on Randalls so a pic of the back would help a lot too. If you can find other pics of this amp, look at the tolex and see if it is dark green, that is a sure sign it's an RG 80 Classic. Although I probably would not want one of those because it has no treble-pull knob for extra gain.

The Randalls you want are the grey carpeted or black tolex (even snakeskin tolex) 80s RG's or Century's with the treble pull gain boost knob made in Irvine, CA. It will tell you where it was made on the back, and the first two digits of the serial number are supposed to designate the year - someone please correct me if this is wrong.

I have a RG-125 2 x 12" combo, grey-carpeted from '87 that I got last year and it smokes, it's one of my prized possessions, although I did have to take it to a great tech here in Los Angeles to get it recapped when I first got it. You can always check one of the user manuals on the Randall site to see if the 80's RG or other Randall you are looking at has that gain-boost knob... some of them that don't have "ES" in the name have that gain-boost knob just like my lovely grey-carpeted combo.

Good to see people posting here, this place seems kinda dead...

General Discussion / Re: Randall warhead damaged Something burned
« on: April 28, 2016, 02:57:15 PM »
Hi Fabrizio,
I just got a first generation Warhead combo that I've been cleaning up and restoring so if it's pics of the inside you want I'll see if I can post some later on today. Did you ask Randall for a schematic of the original Warhead? Were you able to make any progress on your issue?

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