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Title: Randall T2 Volume Problem
Post by: KissKovers on December 07, 2018, 07:34:36 AM
Hey guys, in brief... here is the issue I am having with my Randall T2.

Everything was working fine for several months after buying this Amp 2nd hand... then all of a sudden... the volume started dying randomly... the volume faded in and out during playing for several weeks occasionally until eventually the volume was cut down to about 90% of what it was. I had to turn it up full just to get some decent volume for practising where as before... playing on number 1 was very loud. Took it to be repaired... the guy didn't seem to know the exact problem but said he re soldered components and it worked fine for about 1 week... then went back to the same problem as before... I just discovered  that when I press the "Loop on" button on the front... the volume comes back as normal with the volume controls set to high at the back... but the thing is... I never use the loop effects... I just have a guitar plugged straight into the normal input in the front of the amp. If "loop on" is off... very low volume on ALL channels... When "loop on" is ON... volume is as normal on ALL channels...

any suggestions? Is the circuitry screwed in the looping section or something? Would love some feedback before paying a guy AGAIN to take a look and probably NOT fix it... thanks...

Title: Re: Randall T2 Volume Problem
Post by: smoke on December 10, 2018, 04:15:48 AM
Hey man, T2 has 4 (if I remember correct) preamp tubes. Is any of them connected to the loop and maybe gone bad? Just a guess, but also check these tubes as they are more prone to go bad than anything else in there and it's easier to check it yourself (just google how to check preamp tubes).   
Title: Re: Randall T2 Volume Problem
Post by: KissKovers on December 10, 2018, 07:08:17 AM
yeah mate, I recently changed ALL the tubes with new ones... same issue.
Title: Re: Randall T2 Volume Problem
Post by: smoke on December 10, 2018, 07:28:17 AM
I'm afraid you really need an expert to go through the whole circuit, to check all the components, pcb etc. so he can isolate and fix the problem.
Title: Re: Randall T2 Volume Problem
Post by: KissKovers on April 12, 2019, 08:29:57 AM
So I have FINALLY solved my issue........ OMG....

The tubes were the 1ST thing I suspected as usual..... so I ordered all new tubes... put them in... SAME ISSUE.... I took it to the local guitar shop repairer, the guy said he re soldered this n that and to see if it works... It was still buggered!. I didn't take it back to him because he came across as clueless... and indeed he was..... so months and months later (today) I took it to a Pro that fixes amp's for a living... first thing he did was put my tubes in some testing device... I said that I already bought new tubes and replaced them so it can't possibly be THAT. He said, just because you bought new tubes, doesn't mean that they work.... so sure enough the results came up in his testing kit thing that 2 of them were working at about 50%... he had loads of tubes laying around, tested a couple to make sure they were working, put them in and FIXED!

Let that be a lesson to others... just because you buy new tubes on ebay etc... doesn't mean that they are working.... I bought NEW tubes and at least 2 of them were DUDS.

Oh man... this really puts me OFF tube amps... I spent good $$$ only to have tubes that were borked! I'm glad the amp is back to normal... but mannnnnnnn I'm REALLY considering selling it and buying an RH200 G2 that I've seen in the porn shop with NO TUBES.... tempting.......


Title: Re: Randall T2 Volume Problem
Post by: smoke on April 16, 2019, 08:25:21 AM
That's good to to know man, good news! I'm afraid you were really unlucky having 2 out of 4 preamp tubes faulty in one batch. Personally I always had SS amps (Huges & kettner WARP 7 combo, Randall 1503H etc) to deal with, with 0 issues all these years. The only tube gear I have, is a Mesa Boogie Studio preamp made back in the late 80s (1989 I think), which still has the original factory tubes. I have read in many forums that the preamp tubes have much more life than the amplifier tubes and they might not even need to be replaced never. Truth be told, SS are much more reliable, lighter, cheaper, consistent  and with almost 0 maintenance plus the technology nowadays have done huge steps forward at this field, giving us some really serious options.